Interconnection Opportunity

Unleashing Wind & Solar

RioSol is blazing the trail for development in renewable energy rich areas through its interconnection. It is an unprecedented opportunity enable delivery of that clean energy to regional electric utilities in New Mexico and Arizona.

Energy Producers

Tapping Into Great Energy Potential

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) identified the State of New Mexico as one of the top 10 wind potential states; however, new transmission infrastructure is needed to unleash its wind energy potential. Arizona and New Mexico are recognized as states with promising potential for solar energy production. RioSol will create a river of electrons that deliver clean energy throughout 550 miles of the Southwest.

Electrical Utilities

Designed for More Interconnection

The RioSol Transmission Project (RioSol) will be an approximately 550-mile, 500kV alternating current (HVAC) line with a proposed eastern terminus in central New Mexico (near Corona, NM), a proposed western terminus at or near the Pinal Central substation in central Arizona (near Coolidge, AZ) and potentially several intervening substations. Given that RioSol will be an HVAC line, it will be designed to have multiple points of interconnection with the existing EHV transmission system and thus enable deliveries of electrical energy to many of the regional electric utilities. 

RioSol Capacity

Homes Powered by Rio Sol

Aiming for Open Solicitation in 2024

RioSol intends to request Negotiated Rate Authority (NRA) from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in early 2024, and upon successful NRA approval by the FERC, issue an Open Solicitation (OS) for capacity subscription in 2024. The OS and subsequent FERC approvals will determine the identity of the anchor tenant(s) who will then enter into a Precedent Agreement with RioSol for long-term, firm, point-to-point transmission service.  In addition, RioSol will file an Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT) with the FERC through which entities can request interconnection and/or transmission service on the RioSol line.  

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Parties that are interested in interconnection or capacity subscription may contact Jack Ford for further information at