A River of Clean Energy for New Mexico & Arizona

RioSol is a planned transmission line running from Central New Mexico to South Central Arizona that will bring renewable energy to our rural communities and western power markets.

A New Kind of River

Delivering on the Promise of Clean Energy for New Mexico and Arizona

RioSol is a high voltage transmission line that will provide renewable energy for communities throughout New Mexico and Arizona. Delivering on the promise of clean energy, RioSol will transmit  up to 1,500 MW of renewable energy to homes, small businesses, and communities in New Mexico and Arizona.

Shared Route. Distinct Purpose.

Rio Sol & Sun Zia Comparison

Eastern Terminus
Torrance County, NM (Planned)
Torrance County, NM
Western Terminus
Pinal County, AZ (Planned)
Pinal County, AZ
Approximate Distance
550 Miles
550 Miles
Predominant Structures Type
Lattice Towers
Lattice Towers
Maximum Tower Height
199 ft
199 ft
Type of Conductor

Following the Success of SunZia

RioSol has been in development since 2006 and was originally part of the two-line SunZia Transmission line project. This second line of SunZia was renamed RioSol after Pattern Energy Group LP purchased the first line from SouthWestern Power Group in 2022. RioSol will generally follow the same route as the SunZia Transmission line and will serve as an AC transmission line providing clean energy to communities in both New Mexico and Arizona.


Based on the completion of SunZia, RioSol’s construction commences in 2026 and is planned to be in-service by 2028. This new AC line provides New Mexico and Arizona communities with the opportunity to tap into wind and solar power ahead of the renewable energy portfolio standard requirements that go into effect in 2040.


Building A Stream of Clean Energy for Local Communities

Investing in Our Communities


Bringing sustainable economic development to local communities.


Working closely with landowners and supporting their families with leasing income.


Providing economic development opportunities in the billions, and thousands of jobs.

Delivering the Best Wind and Solar
the Southwest Has to Offer.

New Mexico’s weather provides some of the highest quality wind and solar resources in the country, but until recently these renewable energy resources were not available for towns and cities due to a lack of transmission capacity.

New Mexico wind and solar energy generation are so vast that it can create enough power to serve four to five times the state’s population of roughly 2.1 million. RioSol provides local communities an opportunity to access clean power from gigawatt-scale wind farms in New Mexico and solar farms in Arizona. These opportunities are available through construction of substations along the 550-mile RioSol route.



Economic Benefit

Construction & Long-Term Jobs

Private Investment



Renewable Energy

People Potentially Benefitting from Renewable Energy

High-Quality Renewable Energy

(Based on 2024 E3c LLC Consultants Economic Impact Study)

Blazing the Trail for Renewable Energy in NM & AZ

Independent transmission projects like RioSol provide this path to local markets in New Mexico and Arizona. Unlocking these high-value resources enable the power to be delivered to where it’s most needed. RioSol is on track to deliver approximately 1,500 MW of high-quality renewable energy to Arizona and New Mexico by 2028. Communities in New Mexico and Arizona will have the opportunity to tap into wind and solar power ahead of the renewable energy portfolio standard requirements that go into effect in 2040.

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Ushering In a New Era of Sustained Flourishing.